Network/Service Status

This page enables you to view the status of our network and servers. If you're having problems accessing your site, checking mail or using various services it's a good idea to check this page. That way you can check whether there is any technical difficulties being experienced. This monitor runs every 5 minutes to ensure you have the latest information. You should expect to see a green status light next to your server.

ServerCpanelDNSFTPmySQLPOP(receive)SMTP(send)SSH/TelnetWeb ServerInformation
AdvancedN/M5 minute history
Alantis5 minute history
Atlantic5 minute history
Atlas5 minute history
Atomic5 minute history
Comet5 minute history
DeepBlue5 minute history
Endeavour5 minute history
EnsimN/M5 minute history
Freedom5 minute history
Fusion5 minute history
Galaxy5 minute history
Global5 minute history
Godspeed5 minute history
Guards5 minute history
Hostman5 minute history
Hydro5 minute history
Jupiter5 minute history
Liberty5 minute history
Lightspeed5 minute history
Mars5 minute history
Matrix5 minute history
Mercury5 minute history
Neptune5 minute history
Nero5 minute history
Opteron5 minute history
Oracle5 minute history
Phoenix5 minute history
PleskN/MN/M5 minute history
Pluto5 minute history
Premiere5 minute history
Saturn5 minute history
Secured5 minute history
Space5 minute history
Star5 minute history
Sun5 minute history
United5 minute history
Universal5 minute history
Unlimited5 minute history
Uranus5 minute history
Velocity5 minute history
Venus5 minute history
VIP5 minute history
Zulu5 minute history

Premiere HW Failure - 5/22/2004, 3.00AM
We are working on a hardware issue affecting the server PREMIERE.
Endeavour/Fusion Kernal resolved - 3/19/2003, 6.45PM

Engineers have resolved the situation. Both servers are now up with the latest stable kernal builds.
Endeavour/Fusion Kernal problem- 3/19/2003, 5.00PM

We are encountering problems with servers Fusion and Endeavour. Both servers are experiencing a KERNAL misconfiguration problem. We are working around the clock to get this situation solved.
Server FREEDOM Upgrade - 2/21/2003, 5.35AM

Due to constant high loads on the server Freedom, engineers had to take it down early this morning for an emmergency hardware upgrade. The new system will feature Dual Intel P3 server class CPUs which will vastly reduce cpu loads.
Switch Upgrade and GigE line added - 2/01/2003, 11.24PM

The switch upgrade has completed and all affected servers are now operational. A new GigE (1000mbps) line has been added which will dramatically reduce latency and boost download speeds. You will notice a huge difference in speed and access times from now on.
Power Failure (FIXED) - 2/01/2003, 2.20PM

UPDATE: The power outage problem has been resolved. Affected servers are being restarted as of this moment.
Power Failure - 2/01/2003, 9AM

There are some major power outage problems at the NJ Data Center which is affecting servers "premiere, fusion and universal". The engineers are working around the clock to get this situation corrected.
Switch Upgrade - 1/31/2003, 10.30AM

The following servers listed below is scheduled for a new switch upgrade. Estimate downtime: 30 minutes.
Servers affected: Premiere, Fusion, Universal.
Major Network Upgrade - 9/19/2002, 8.30AM

In an effort to provide our customers with the best possible hosting experience, we will be performing network upgrades on the following dates: September 19, 2002 and September 24, 2002. All maintenance will be performed between 12 AM and 4 AM EST. This will ensure that any network outages experienced during these maintenance periods will have a minimal impact on our customers. Once these upgrades have been completed, we should be ready to install our new fiber lines from VERIO and Williamís Communications within 2 weeks. Our customers should notice increased network access times, in addition to a decreased number of hops on the way to our network. This will ultimately result in greater upload and download speeds.

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